Transaction and Investment Accounts

Transaction Accounts

At Arab Bank Australia we believe your savings should give you financial security and make your life easier. That's why we have designed our straightforward Transaction Accounts to suit all your needs.

  • Statement Account

    Enjoy an everyday transactional account that offers you flexible banking and easy access to your funds... Find out more »

  • Passbook Account

    Maximise your savings and manage your finances with a personalised record of your savings history and current balance... Find out more »

  • Best Buddies Account

    Help your child to learn the value of money and the importance of saving with their own personal savings account... Find out more »

Investment Accounts

Investment is all about growth. That's why at Arab Bank Australia we offer you a choice of Investment Accounts specifically designed to grow with your needs.

Whether it's innovative, thoughtful features, or ease of operation, everything has been conceived to help make the most of your investment. Because at Arab Bank Australia we believe if you work hard for your money, then your money should work even harder.

  • Cash Management Account

    Keep track of your money with an account that provides flexibility and attractive interest rates... Find out more »

  • Personal Online Savings Account

    Receive a high rate of return while enjoying the convenience of a transaction account... Find out more »

  • Fixed Term Deposit

    Plan for your future financial needs and enjoy a high return on your investment... Find out more »