• Supporting the communities we serve

    Abal Banking is committed to supporting the communities it serves by building partnerships with community groups and charitable organisations in areas of medical research, health and wellbeing, sports, the arts, education and a number of other local community initiatives.

    The primary criteria for community involvement is whether we can make a significant and tangible difference to the organisation or cause through our involvement.

    Where possible, our strategy is for our support to have a direct flow-on benefit to the people and local communities and businesses around our branch network, however many of our recent partnerships have benefited a much wider audience.

  • SCHF

    One of the largest and most trusted kids' health charities in the country, Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation raises funds to help provide all children with access to the best possible healthcare, whenever and wherever they need it.

    Abal Banking is proud to be supporting such a worthy cause, the Bank has been supporting the SCHF by hosting a number of an annual Charity Brunch and Golf day to raise much needed funding for children's health. The Banks recent Brunch held in 2023, raised $200,000, these proceeds will go towards funding the Overnight Parent Stay Rooms at the Randwick Children’s Hospital currently under redevelopment. 

  • TWI

    The Westmead Institute for Medical Research (WIMR) and ABAL have partnered in 2021 to generously support WIMR’s ongoing medical researcher breakthroughs.

    Funds raised will be directed to life saving cardio-respiratory research at WIMR’s Centre for Heart Research. Co-Director Associate Professor Eddy Kizana’s is leading exciting projects with his team, discovering ways of using genes or genetic material to replace cardiac devices (like pacemakers or defibrillators). The ultimate goal of his research is to treat and prevent sudden death from common heart rhythm problems. ABAL is thrilled to support such important and life-changing research, providing hope and better health outcomes for brighter futures.




  • AWYO

    The AWO recognises the value of classical music education for both aspiring young musicians and also children with little to no formal musical training. When the orchestra convenes, the AWO’s professional members take part in educational opportunities for young people including masterclasses, mentoring, and through the outreach programmes which focus on providing world-class music education to disadvantaged and regional children.


  • Art Gallery Society of NSW

    Established in 1874, the Art Gallery of NSW is proud to present fine international and Australian art in one of the most beautiful art museums in the world. The gallery is home to a distinguished collection of colonial and 19th century Australian works and European old masters. There are also dedicated galleries celebrating the arts of Asia and native Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art. Abal Banking are a longstanding supporter of the Art Gallery and in 2022, are a proud sponsor of the Art Gallery Society’s Learning Curve Lecture Series for the 12th successive year.

  • Western Sydney Business Chamber

    The Sydney Business Chamber established a presence in Western Sydney in 2012 to reflect the emergence of Western Sydney as a growing economic force and to ensure businesses across the greater Sydney basin had adequate representation. Since 2012, their efforts in Western Sydney have focused on advocating ideas to grow economic opportunities across the region to provide a stimulus for existing businesses and to attract new businesses. Abal Banking is a proud supporting sponsor of the Western Sydney Business Chamber Breakfast Series, “Growing and Developing the Greater West.”

  • ALCC

    The objective of the Australian Lebanese Chamber of Commerce is the promotion and assistance of trade between Australia, Lebanon and the Middle East. This eminence of this organisation is well recognised by both Australian and Lebanese governments. One of the key mandates of the ALCC is to foster and develop trade and service opportunities and act as an informed and well-versed body for those associated in these dealings between Australia, Lebanon and the Middle East. Abal Banking has been in proud association with the ALCC for over 7 years, working together to preserve important cultural ties in the area of Trade.

  • Italian Opera Foundation Australia

    Established in 2007, the Italian Opera Foundation Australia is a not-for-profit organisation passionate about Italian Opera and committed to ensuring its vibrant future in Australia. For over 16 years, the foundation has engaged and supported the development of young operatic talent in Australia through their scholarship program. Abal Banking values the importance of culture and the arts and it’s retention in a fast paced moving society. The Bank is a proud and passionate supporter of the Italian Opera Foundation Australia.

  • FSHD

    The FSHD Global Research Foundation is an Australia not-for-profit organisation dedicated to finding a treatment and cure for Facioscapulohumeral Dystrophy (FSHD). Over the past 9 years, the Foundation has committed $8.3 million to fund 40 ongoing medical research grants in 9 countries; USA, Canada, Netherlands, Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, New Zealand and Australia. Abal Banking proudly supports this cause and the unique work of the Foundation through financial contribution and sponsorship.

  • Ethnic Business Awards

    Founded in 1988, the Ethnic Business Awards (EBA) are Australia’s longest running national business awards program, celebrating diversity and multiculturalism, and the achievements of migrants, who come to Australia with a “suitcase full of dreams”; and whose creation of new jobs, wealth and ideas, have contributed to cementing the harmony of multicultural Australia. Abal Banking is an ongoing supporter of the Awards and values the EBA’s vision of celebrating diversity, multiculturalism and migrant entrepreneurship in Australia. Learn more.

  • Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry

    AACCI’s mission is to assist Australian companies exporting to or expanding into Middle East and North African (MENA) markets and Arab companies looking to invest in Australia. It provides valuable expertise and consultation to both small businesses and larger Australian corporations interested in exploring the growth markets of the Arab world. Abal Banking has been a member of the AACCI for over 18 years.

  • Bulldogs Rugby League Club

    The Canterbury Bankstown-Bulldogs are a major community entity in Sydney’s West. The club aim’s to make a positive impact in the community by leveraging “the Bulldogs effect”, the power of the Bulldogs brand to positively affect social change. The community programs run by the Bulldogs, including the Be All In program, proudly sponsored by Abal Banking in 2017, have achieved enormous success assisting charitable cases and raising millions of dollars for charity, local community organisations and schools. Abal Banking has been a corporate partner of the Club for over 4 years and appreciates the intertwining values and vision we share.

  • Western Sydney Wanderers

    Abal Banking has partnered with the Western Sydney Wanderers in support of their annual Schools Cup tournament. A community-based competition that encourages students to participate in a friendly and supportive environment, bringing together over 150 team from 80 schools from all over Western Sydney region. 

    The Bank is proud of its support in continuing to cultivate the ambitions, skills and talent of youth in this area.