“Arab Bank Australia’s visionary support of the next generation of Australia’s elite musicians, through the AWO Academy Programme, is a thrilling development in our relationship. This sponsorship evidences yet again Arab Bank Australia’s firm commitment to the Australian arts community.” 

- Gabrielle Thompson, CEO Australian World Orchestra.

The AWO Academy Programme is a professional development and career building platform for talented young Australian musicians.

Players enter the Academy Programme by invitation, where they join the AWO to rehearse, travel, tour and perform with the orchestra for a concert season. The pre-professional experience of playing in the AWO Academy Programme provides a springboard for young musicians launching their local and international careers.

By creating and nurturing invaluable professional connections between the AWO Academy Players and Australia’s finest musicians performing in the world’s greatest orchestras, the AWO Academy Programme supports an international network of Australian musicians. This network provides local and international introductions, support and mentoring for emerging Australian musicians.

The AWO Academy Programme continues well beyond the initial Academy season, AWO Academy Players are regularly invited to perform with the AWO in a professional capacity. The AWO Academy Programme provides on-going career and talent development.

Arab Bank Australia's partnership with the AWO Academy for 2020 is an exciting addition to the myriad of its activities in support of culture and the arts in Australia. The Bank is dedicated to supporting Australia's young and thriving talent and looks forward to announcing the winner of this year's Academy scholarship in the coming months.

Learn more about the AWO Academy and its initiatives for 2020.