• How we protect you

    Our customers' security and privacy is our priority. Arab Bank Australia uses a range of security measures to assist in protecting your personal and account information from unauthorised access.

  • Recent Scams To Be Aware Of

    Keep up to date with information regarding recent scams and ensure your safety online. Information is available about the recent Optus Data Leak and other useful information to be mindful of. 

  • Online Banking Security

     Your online security is important to us, you must therefore keep your Password secure and confidential.

  • Security for your accounts

    To ensure a high standard and quality of security, you can learn more about how you can protect your online banking access. 

  • Protection against fraud and scams

    Understanding the types of fraud and scams that can occur can help you to identify and avoid them. Learn more about the most common types of fraud and scams and tips on how you can protect yourself from these.


  • N/A

    It is important to ensure you take appropriate steps to protect your computer and browser. Learn more about how your computer will be better protected – saving you time and inconvenience as well as money.

  • Selecting a secure password

    Learn more about how you can make it more difficult for someone else to guess your password.