• Cash Rates United States USD 0.6821 United Kingdom GBP 0.5211 Europe EUR 0.574
  • Telegraphic Transfer Rates United States USD 0.6871 United Kingdom GBP 0.5261 All

Rates current as of: 28 October 2020 - 8:37am AEDT

  • COVID-19

    We understand that each customer has different needs and we have special arrangements in place to provide support, should they need it. Continuing to work together over the coming months to keep the virus’ spread low will allow us all to get back on track as a whole community. Click here for our latest COVID-19 message.

  • Changes to Paywave Limits

    In an effort to reduce the need for physical contact with the payment terminal, following the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the PIN limit for contactless card payments has been increased from $100 to $200. Starting 7 April 2020, you will begin to see most retailers accepting contactless card payments without a PIN for purchases up to $200. Click here for more.

  • Tools and calculators

    Our user friendly tools can help you calculate an estimated loan repayment, or the amount of interest you can earn on your deposits.  

  • Community Support

    We're committed to supporting the communities we serve by building partnerships with community groups and charitable organisations in areas of medical research, health and wellbeing, sports, the arts, education and a number of other local community initiatives. 

  • An investment account to help you grow.
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  • Our business is understanding your business.