To access Arab Bank Australia's Internet Banking Service, you need your:

  • Online ID
  • Password
  • Mobile device to receive SMS authentication code.

We will provide you with an Internet ID and a confidential, temporary password once we have received and processed your application. Your Password is like any other Personal Identification Number (PIN) and helps protect the security of your information. You must therefore keep your Password secure and confidential to you.

Please note, under no circumstances will Arab Bank Australia request your PIN/password in an email, or by any other means. If you have received any communication requesting your PIN/password, please contact us immediately on 1800 646 484.

To ensure your Password is protected from unauthorised use, we have established some password criteria that you must comply with. These criteria can be viewed here.

You must ensure that:

  • You do not reveal your Password to any other person, not even family members and friends;
  • Your Password is not recorded in any way which would allow any other person to determine that it is your Password. This includes ensuring that your Password is not easily identifiable or easy for others to guess (such as your birth date, street address, phone number, or sequential or repeated characters);
  • You keep your Internet ID and Password separate and apart from each other;
  • You do not allow any other person to watch you enter or hear your Password; and
  • You do not permit any other person to use your Password.

We strongly recommend that:

  • You set a Password that consists of phrases word sequences that are easy for you to remember, but difficult for computers to guess;
  • You choose a Password that consists of a combination of numbers, letters and special characters; and
  • When changing your Password, ensure that it is significantly different from passwords you have used before.

As an additional security measure, when there is a change of password or a new password has been generated by our Internet Banking Team, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided to us.

If at any time you suspect that the security of your Password has been compromised or your Password has been lost or stolen, you must ensure that your Password is changed immediately. You must also immediately notify Arab Bank Australia of the suspected breach. Arab Bank Australia can then cancel the password and arrange for you to enter a new one. If you unreasonably delay notifying us, your possible loss as a result of unauthorised transactions on your linked accounts may increase.

Be Scam Aware! Take a moment and think:

  • Do you know the person you are sending money to?
  • Are you being rushed to make a payment?
  • Are you being pressured to invest in something that is too good to be true?
  • Do you feel uneasy/unsure about making the payment today?
  • If you are not sure, stop, think and ask advice from someone you trust or freecall 1800 64 64 84 for help.