Our customers' security and privacy is our priority. Arab Bank Australia uses a range of security measures to assist in protecting your personal and account information from unauthorised access.

Your privacy is protected by the same high security standards used throughout the Australian banking industry. All Internet Banking transactions between Arab Bank Australia and our customers are encrypted using high security 128 bit SSL to ensure the utmost protection of customer information. In addition, all our computer systems are specially protected to prevent any unauthorised entry through the Internet.

Authentication Codes

To enhance the level of security offered to our customers when banking online, Arab Bank Australia offers a free SMS Authentication service.

A unique authorisation code is sent to customers via SMS:

  • Every time you log in;
  • Every time you perform a Transfer or BPAY payment to a new payee or biller; and

Every time you increase your payment limits.Internet

Internet Banking Automatic Time-Outs

For your security, Arab Bank Australia's Internet Banking Service is set up to automatically log off the user and end the session if there has been no activity for 15 minutes.

However, you should always remember to log out and exit the Internet Banking browser as soon as you have finished using it or if you are leaving your computer unattended so as to ensure that others cannot access your personal and account details.

If using a public or shared computer; or a shared login between members of the same family or organisation

  • Be alert for ‘shoulder surfers’ who can observe your screen and keyboard;
  • Use a Private or Incognito window to prevent web browser retention of credentials.