A faster and more convenient way to access and use your own money.

The Arab Bank Australia Visa Debit payWave card includes the latest contactless technology which provides you with a faster and more convenient way to pay.

Features and Benefits

  • You can pay instantly for purchases under $100 without the need to swipe your card, sign your name or enter your pin. All you need to do is wave your card over a secure contactless reader and your transaction is complete in just a few seconds.
  • Access and use your own savings, by linking your card to your Arab Bank Australia transactional account or establishing a line of credit (this is subject to credit approval).
  • Your Visa Debit payWave card features a ‘smart chip’ and carries the same multiple layers of security protection as a traditional Visa Debit card, giving you maximum protection against unauthorised transactions and card fraud. Visa payWave allows you to retain control of your card during any transaction, which also reduces the risk of fraud.
  • As a Visa Debit cardholder, you also get direct access to the very best entertainment experiences with Visa Entertainment. For the most exciting concerts, cinema or sporting events, visit visaentertainment.com.au and register today.

Sign up for your Visa Debit payWave card today! Visit your nearest branch or freecall 1800 64 64 84.

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