Arab Bank Australia is excited to announce the launch of new card fraud management services to protect our customers using Visa Debit Cards.

From Tuesday 14 May 2019, the Bank's customers will be protected by the Orion Card Fraud Management Service (Orion).

The benefits to our valued customers will include:

  • Orion is a dedicated card fraud management service that uses the latest fraud detection techniques and operates 24 x 7 x 365 to constantly monitor for fraudulent or suspicious transactions.
  • In the event Orion identifies a suspicious transaction – the team will contact the cardholder to verify the transaction and may temporarily freeze a card to prevent further potential fraud.
  • Customers will usually be contacted by phone (7 days a week), but may also receive an SMS alert to call the Orion Team if a suspicious transaction is identified after hours.

If you have lost your Visa Debit Card or if it has been stolen, please remember to call us immediately on 1800 139 241 or if overseas, on +61 2 9959 7530.

Should you identify an unusual, unknown or unauthorised transaction on your account, please contact your branch or call us on 1800 64 64 84 as soon as possible.