Best Buddies Account

Help your child grow their savings with the "Best Buddies" Account

There's no better way to teach your child the value of money, and the importance of saving, than providing them with an opportunity to have their own savings account.

Arab Bank Australia has developed the "Best Buddies" School Banking Program, which is available to all children under the age of 18 at your child's school.

Each child's "Best Buddies" Account begins with a $5 deposit, a gift from Arab Bank Australia to help get their deposits started! After that, there is no minimum balance, so you can make a deposit anytime you wish.

Your child will be given our famous "Best Buddies Starter Pack" which consists of specially designed Best Buddies stationery as well as their own Passbook so they can literally see their savings grow.

There are no account keeping fees or transaction fees and a competitive rate is paid on the "Best Buddies" Account twice a year to further accelerate the growth of your child's savings. We will also visit the school each week to collect the children's Passbooks, and whatever money there is to deposit.

At Arab Bank Australia we are committed to enhancing the education of children in the communities we serve. The "Best Buddies" School Banking Program has been endorsed by your school and whenever possible we may provide either monetary funds or educational equipment to support those schools in need of assistance.

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