On 24 October 2018, Arab Bank Australia hosted the Encouraging the Arts Workshop for students from a few or the community's local Western Sydney schools, including, Maronite College of the Holy Family, Bankstown Girls High School, Saint Charbel’s College and Al Faisal College.

Students from these schools had the opportunity to experience the ‘Masters of modern art from the Hermitage’ exhibition which was recently released at the Art Gallery of NSW, displaying works drawn from the Hermitage exhibition in St Petersburg.

The tour followed a day of workshopping and learning with art educators from the Gallery and concluded with the extremely difficult task of judging 1st, 2nd and 3rd artworks – awarding the winning students with prizes for their brilliant work and all a certificate of participation for their commendable effort and talent.

A fantastic experience for all the very talented students and a wonderful opportunity for Arab Bank Australia to give back to the community and enrich Australia’s young talent with the experiences they need to grow and excel in the field of the Arts.

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