On behalf of the team at ABAL Banking (ABAL) I hope you, your family and loved ones are safe and well as we continue to work through the impacts of COVID-19.

You would have received a letter informing you of some important upcoming changes to our acceptance and issuance of cheques.

The Australian banking industry recognises that consumers are increasingly demanding the convenience and advantages of technology and digital alternatives to meet their transactional needs, and this has been a consideration for all Banks operating in Australia over the past decade.

With ongoing changes in a number of industries, and the widespread phasing out of paper-related processes, which has only accelerated under the effects of COVID-19, it has become necessary to consider alternatives to issuing and receiving funds via paper cheque.

For this reason, ABAL will cease the provision of all cheque services by 1 July 2021. This includes the issuance of bank cheques and cheque books, and the acceptance of funds via paper cheque.

Here are some important dates to take note of:

30 April 2021 | For ABAL customers with a cheque book

From 30 April 2021 your cheque book will become inactive and you will not be able to write new cheques. The purpose of this action is to minimise unpresented cheques in circulation which may later be refused from 1 July 2021.

It is important to note, your payees can continue to deposit cheques written by you before 30 April 2021 any time before 1 July 2021. We encourage you to advise your payees to deposit their cheque without delay during this period.

30 May 2021 | For ABAL customers who issue bank cheques

Bank cheques will not be issued by ABAL after 30 May 2021. The purpose of this action is to minimise unpresented cheques in circulation which may later be refused from 1 July 2021.

1 July 2021 | For ABAL customers wanting to deposit a cheque into their account

Cheque deposits into your ABAL account cannot be accepted from 1 July 2021.

Why are we doing this?


Cheques can be stopped, returned or issued in bad faith. This is often to the disadvantage of a cheque beneficiary. Unfortunately, cheques may also be subject to fraud in cases of lost, stolen, tampered and incorrectly issued cheques.


The time taken to process cheques (a minimum clearance period of 3 days) can often be the cause of payment delays. Payments made via electronic funds transfer (EFT) or real time gross settlement (RTGS) allow for quicker and more efficient settlement of transactions.


More details on what this means for you:

Paying funds from your ABAL account

As per the above timeline, you will no longer be able to issue cheques from your account via bank cheque, cheque book or counter cheques.

We understand that this is a change for customers who use cheques for business or personal purposes. We’re here to ensure you’re equipped with effective and, where possible, tailored alternatives to issuing cheques, such as:

  • A conveniently accessible internet banking funds transfer service, available via our online banking platform, abal.online, or our mobile app, abal.mobile.
  • For larger transactions above your internet banking transfer limits, we would be happy to discuss an online or RTGS transfer option suitable to you.

Receiving funds to your ABAL account

As per the above timeline, we will no longer be able to accept cheques into your account, via form of personal, business or bank cheque. Any cheques presented for clearance on or after this date cannot be honoured.

For incoming payments from a third party, we encourage you to advise your remitters to make all payments via account transfer. You can contact your branch to confirm your BSB and account number, or refer to your internet banking.

For deposits you wish to make into your own account:

  • Transactional Accounts

Transfers are welcomed into transactional accounts. You will simply require a BSB and account number.

  • Term Deposits & Home Loans

If you hold a term deposit account or home loan with ABAL and wish to discuss your alternatives to cheque deposits, we are ready to assist.

We’re here to help.

Our team is here to assist you. For any enquiries or if you wish to discuss further, email service@arabbank.com.au or call us on 9377 8900. Additionally, you can reach out to your Branch or Relationship Manager to discuss the options available to you. Visit arabbank.com.au/contact for direct contact details.

Access to our online banking platform, abal.online, is available to all ABAL customers and can be arranged by getting in touch with your branch. We also encourage existing online banking customers to download our mobile banking app, abal.mobile, to keep up to date with your accounts.

Rest assured, we recognise the importance of services suitable to all customers and will provide our support throughout the duration of this transition.

Yours sincerely,

Emile Chahine
Executive Manager, Banking