Arab Bank Australia understands that the passing of loved ones can be a difficult time. That’s why we want to make the process of finalising their accounts as easy as possible.

To help you through this, we have put some information together to guide you, as the deceased's representative, through the process of settling any Arab Bank Australia accounts that were held by them.

Step 1. Notify the Bank that the customer has passed away

Notifying the Bank results in changes to the deceased’s accounts and triggers the process of settling the estate. You can notify us by visiting or calling an Arab Bank Australia branch.

Step 2. Proof of death

Death Certificate – In order to start the process, we will require the death certificate. The death certificate can be obtained from the Registry of Birth, Deaths and Marriages in your State. The death certificate will enable the next of kin to plan the funeral, and formally advise organisations of the deceased’s death. It will also enable the executor, or next of kin if there is no will, to access funds from the deceased’s account to cover valid funeral expenses.

Step 3. Gather other essential documents that may be required

As each estate is different, the number and types of documents we need may vary. We are providing a list of documents that may be needed in order to settle the deceased’s accounts. We will advise you of the specific forms and documents we require after you have contacted us.

Original will or a certified copy of the will - If the deceased left a will, ensure that you bring it along to help us finalise the estate.

Grant of Probate – if a grant of Probate is held, bring it with you. If it is not available, we will determine during the process whether one is required.

Letters of Administration – If a grant of Letters of Administration is held, please bring it with you. If it is not available, we will determine during the process whether one is required.

Customer Identification Process – If the executor/administrator is not a customer of the Bank, they need to identify themselves. This is because they become signatories on the account in order to finalise the estate. Also, we need to be able to know who we are dealing with and who we should be receiving estate requests from. They will provide us with two pieces of identification such as a driver’s licence and a recent utility bill (not older than 3 months). The branch may advise you of other options. 

Step 4. We will contact you

We will act on instructions concerning the deceased’s account within 14 days of receiving the necessary information.

The above is general advice only, as to Arab Bank Australia's requirements, and it is recommended that independent legal advice is obtained where you have any questions or queries as to legal issues or responsibilities in regards to managing or settling a deceased estate.

If you have retained Solicitors to act for you in finalising the estate, please let our staff know when you contact the branch. We can then write to the Solicitors and advise them of our requirements as above.