Foreign Exchange Rates

Cash rates

Country Currency Bank Buy AUD Bank Sell AUD
USA USD 0.7515 0.8065
United Kingdom GBP 0.5675 0.6175
Europe EUR 0.6330 0.6905

Telegraphic transfer rates

Country Currency Bank Buy AUD Bank Sell AUD
USA USD 0.7565 0.8015
United Kingdom GBP 0.5725 0.6125
Europe EUR 0.6380 0.6855
Switzerland CHF 0.7450 0.7950
Bahrain BHD 0.2440 0.3440
Egypt EGP 11.7000 14.5000
Jordon JOD 0.5210 0.5810
New Zealand NZD 1.0990 1.1490
Saudi Arabia SAR 2.7800 3.0800
Singapore SGD 1.0340 1.0940
United Arab Emirates AED 2.7150 3.0250

* These rates are current at the time of stipulated.  Rates are subject to change without notice.

Converting currency

To convert Australian Dollars into Foreign Currency multiply by the rate. To convert Foreign Currency into Australian Dollars divide by the rate.
The exchange rates provided are for foreign exchange transactions up to the equivalent of Australian Dollars $25,000 and are intended as a guide only.
Rates are updated daily (Monday to Friday) and are subject to change at Arab Bank Australia's discretion. Rates quoted are the buy and sell rates for Telegraphic Transfers only unless otherwise stated. Fees and charges may apply for foreign exchange transactions.
Whilst every effort is made to ensure the information is accurate, you should confirm the latest situation with one of our branches prior to making any decisions.