Card Security

To ensure high quality security of your electronic banking access please consider the following card security information:

  • Ensure you sign the back of your VISA Debit Card immediately upon receipt;
  • Once you receive your Visa Debit Card, activate it as soon as possible;
  • Regularly check that you still have your VISA Debit Card;
  • Do not disclose your PIN to any other person – including family members, friends and not even a Bank representative;
  • Cover your hand as you enter your PIN into a terminal or ATM to prevent your PIN being observed by other people or hidden cameras;
  • Do not lend your VISA Debit Card to any other person or allow someone else to conduct a transaction on your behalf;
  • Memorise your PIN. PINs must be kept secure - do not record your PIN on your card or on any article carried with or kept near your card that is liable to be lost or stolen at the same time as your card;
  • Take reasonable steps to protect your VISA Debit Card;
  • Take reasonable steps to maintain control of your VISA Debit Card when completing transactions. Always keep your card in sight during the transaction and retrieve your card after the transaction;
  • Be suspicious if the EFTPOS terminal operator swipes your card through more than one terminal or moves to another room out of sight during the transaction. If they do – immediately request the transaction be cancelled and ask for your card to be returned. Pay cash instead or don’t proceed with the purchase;
  • If you are suspicious and think your card may have been skimmed – contact the Bank on 1800 64 64 84 to verify the transaction. Always check your statements for unauthorised transactions;
  • Keep your EFTPOS receipts secure. If you don’t need them - destroy them;
  • Destroy your VISA Debit Card on the expiry date by cutting it diagonally (across the magnet strip and chip) and into multiple pieces.