Variable Rate Home Loans

Competitive interest rates without being locked into a fixed rate for a set term. Offers you complete repayment flexibility and a full range of features.

  • HeadStart Home Loan

    Enjoy a discounted introductory interest rate for the first twelve months of your loan, then a competitive variable rate afterwards. The perfect loan if you need a head start in the early stages of settling into your new home. Find out more »

  • Essentials Home Loan

    The Essentials Home Loan offers you all the features and flexibility you need to pay off your loan as quickly as you like. Find out more »

  • The Basics Home Loan

    This is our most simple and lowest variable rate home loan, designed to make borrowing money for your home or investment property as affordable as possible. The interest rate starts low, and stays low for the entire loan. If you need all the basics, with a consistently low rate, then take a close look at The Basics Home Loan. Find out more »